Deciding to remodel your home is a big decision. Outside of buying your home, it may be the single biggest investment you make. You need to know that the remodeling contractor you choose is a full-time, dedicated remodeling professional. NARI’s certification program offers this assurance through its extensive screening and testing process.

Only full-time, professional remodeling contractors are eligible for certification by NARI. You can be assured that any time you hire a NARI certified remodeling contractor, you are hiring an individual who has made a strong commitment to the professionalism of the remodeling industry and to his or her business. And because remodelers are not eligible for certification until they have been actively involved in the remodeling industry for at least five years, you know that the NARI certified remodeling professional you hire has had a number of years to develop the experience and skills that can only be gained through extensive hands-on practice.

Isn’t it good to know that your remodeling contractor has a long-term commitment to his or her work?




Master Certified Remodelers

Bill Bilbrey – MCR, CKBR, UDCP  W.E. Bilbrey General Contractors, LLC
Peter W. Price – MCR, CKBR, UDCP  Stillwater Builders Co.
Bob Malchow – MCR, CKBR  Malchow Building and Remodeling, Inc.  Retired                Jarrod Shell – MCR, UDCP Lifestyle Kitchen Designs


Certified Remodelers and Certified Remodeler Specialists

Christine Balsan, CR – Remodeling Designs, Inc.
Erich Eggers II, CR, CKBR, CGR – Remodeling Designs, Inc.
Kent Garber, CR – Garber Contracting, LLC
Curt Garrison, CR, CKBR – Home Towne Construction
Tim Garrison, CR – Home Towne Construction
John Harkleroad, CR, UDCP – Brentwood Builders, Inc.
Kim Haverstick, CR, CGR, CAPS – Haverstick Builders
Jeff Hurst, CR– Hurst Total Home, Inc.
Kasey Lowry, CR – Kasey Lowry Building and Remodeling                                                              Mark Balsan, CR – Remodeling Designs, Inc.
Timothy Stephens, CR – Archadeck of West Central Ohio
Dan Swank, CR – Dancraft Construction, Inc. – Retired

Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodelers

Bill Bilbrey, MCR,CKBR,UDCP – W.E.Bilbrey General Contractors 
John Bordenkircher, CKBR – Kircher Construction, LTD., Inc.
Carrie Bordenkircher, CKBR – Kircher Construction LTD. 
Erich Eggers II, CR, CKBR, CGR – Remodeling Designs, Inc.
Josh Florkey, CKBR – Kircher Costruction LTD.
Curt Garrison, CR, CKBR – Home Towne Construction
Katie Hurst, CKBR, UDCP – Hurst Total Home, Inc.
Bob Malchow, CR, CKBR – Malchow Building & Remodeling, Inc. – Retired
Kevin McCloskey, CKBR – Craftsmen Home Improvements, Inc. 
Peter Price, CKBR, MCR, UDCP – Retired

Certified Lead Carpenters

Clayton B. Baker, CRPM, CLC –Remodeling Designs,Inc.                                                                 Steven Hardisty, CLC – Kircher Construction, LTD.
Tom Erbaugh, CLC – Kircher Construction, LTD.
Mike Maddox, CLC – Kircher Construction, LTD
Jim Macpherson, CLC – Kircher Construction, LTD.
Scott Pierron, CLC – Remodeling Designs, Inc.
Steve Ray, CLC– Kircher Construction, LTD.
Gary Reed, CLC – Remodeling Designs, Inc.
Jason Scarberry, CLC – W.E.Bilbrey General Contractors
Chad Snow, CLC – Remodeling Designs, Inc.                                                                                        David Stapp, CLC   Remodeling Designs, Inc.
Clark Watren, CLC – Hurst Total Home, Inc.

Universal Design Certified Professionals

Michelle Bilbrey, UDCP – W.E. Bilbrey General Contractors
John Harkelroad, CR, UDCP – Brentwood Builders
Katie Hurst, CKBR, UDCP – Hurst Total Home, Inc.
Peter Price, MCR,CKBR, UDCP – Retired                                                                                      Jarrod Shell – MCR, UDCP Lifestyle Kitchen Designs

Certified Remodeling Project Manager                                                                                                            Clayton B. Baker, CRPM, CLC – Remodeling Designs, Inc.